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that the BSoE is not responsible for the quality of goods purchased from these suppliers.

Fred Aldous

Suppliers of enamels, copper blanks, pewter sheet, copper sheet, kilns and tools
Telephone: 0161 236 2477

WG Ball UK

Manufacturers of lead free enamels, ceramic colours and oxides for vitreous enamels, also suppliers of kilns, tools, findings, and transfers
Telephone: 01782 313956/312286
Telephone: 01782 274229

Diatherm Vitrum Signum

Enamels, enamelling supplies, tools and kilns
diatherm@talk21. com
Telephone: 0208 524 9546

Kilns and Furnaces Ltd

Produce a kiln of inside dimensions 109w x 10d x 4 h (inches).
Telephone: 01782 344 620 

Pat Johnson

Can supply small to medium sized spun copper bowls and dishes.
Telephone: 020 7228 0011

Northern Kilns 

Northern Kilns have 33 years of manufacturing experience, designing specialist kilns for ceramics, glass, enameling and specialist metal processing. They have an excellent web site fully explaining all aspects of their kilns.
Telephone: 01253 790 307

Corby Kins

Sells a range of kilns and enamel supplies, including copper offcuts.
Telephone: 01536 269229

Kilncare UK

Sells kilns for glass or ceramics
Telephone: 01782 535915

Pamela Moreton Ceramics

Bespoke transfer suppliers, will make transfers of artwork for application to enamel surfaces.
Telephone: 01263 512629

J. Smith & Sons 

Supplies of non-precious metals – copper, gilding metals, brass, etc. Will cut to order and ship to UK and abroad.
Telephone: 020 7241 2430

Thompson Enamel

(agent: Tom Lundsten – Europe)
Thompson lead-free enamels crayons, paints and other enamelling media and equipment.

A.J. Wells and Sons 

Industrial vitreous enamellers, signage and architectural enamelling, will work with artists.
Telephone: 01983 537766

Enamel Supply Co – USA

Japanese lead-bearing enamels, enamelling supplies
Telephone 001 800 596 3257

Thompson Enamel, USA

Lead-free enamels, enamel crayons and pencils, enamel in water colour form, a wide range of ancillary enamel products, equipment, and copper blanks and bowls
Telephone: 001-859-293-3800
Fax: 001-859-291-1849

Unigraph (UK) Ltd

Thermal imager machine supplier
Tel: 0114 275 2801

Welsh Products
Supplies (USA)

Sells screens, frames and other printing equipment
Tel: 001 800 745 3255


A web-based supply wholesale company selling competitively priced silver and gold metal clays for the UK and Channel Islands. They also hold a range of Japanese enamels and copper blanks.
Tel +44(0) 2476 471407

Other suppliers

For a list of suppliers of precious metals, precious metal findings, findings, gems, tools for silversmithing, contact Pat Johnson

Other organisations

Institute of Vitreous Enamellers and the Vitreous Enamel Association – for information about enamelling firms in the UK.

The Assay Office Scotland

The Birmingham Assay Office 

The Crafts Council 

The Goldsmiths’ Company