A brilliant development for bowl enamellers: Sally Cantan’s suction wand fills a need. Sally Cantan began enamelling only recently but her work has been inventive, to say the least.  Although her one-off pieces have done very well at galleries and craft shows she has developed several product lines which enable her to sell large numbers of bowls, so much so that efficiency is now required. 

Having heard much wishful talk about a device that could hold bowls by the base, thus allowing them to be enamelled inside and out without firings in between, Sally went on the internet and found a series of components that when joined together performed the task very well. The result is Sally Cantan’s suction wand. The heart of the device is a  compressor that creates the suction.  It can be purchased online for around £80, depending on how small and quiet a machine is required.

The wand itself can be seen in the  accompanying series of pictures that show the entire process of enamelling a bowl inside and out.


This is the machine that produces the vacuum for the suction wand. To lessen the impact of its noise, the pump is placed outside the workshop, with the suction coming into the workshop via the tubing.

This really is an important development, saving time and guaranteeing a perfect surface of enamel. Happily Sally is willing to supply the suction wands to enamellers for a reasonable price.

T: 07900 924668
E: sallycantan@gmail.com


Sally’s suction wand and a copper bowl ready for enamelling.


Suction wand placed on the base of the bowl.


Suction wand switched on.


Sally has sprayed the inside of the bowl and sifted on a coat of enamel.


Sally sprays the outside the bowl.


Enamel is sifted on to the outside of the bowl.


The enamelled bowl is placed on a trivet to dry.


The suction is turned off , leaving the bowl ready for firing after the enamel has dried.