My jewellery consists in a series of brooches. I have therefore explored the theme of the series and the different pieces share a story that links one to another. The same theme is used again and again and distorted.

White is the colour I am researching at the moment because it is so versatile that it fits perfectly with the concept of evolution within a series. I am interested as well in the symbolism of white and it’s association with a sense of purity: some pieces are pristine white, allowing the design to come first and some of them have black edges and cracks to break the feeling of cleanness…

White is achieved thanks to enamel and powder coating, two techniques I am researching thoroughly at the moment.

‘Brooches’ don’t have a classical pin and explore different ways of interacting with the body and clothes. The main series of brooches consist of two parts : one cup sits under the fabric and a brooch is secured on top thanks to magnets. Different combinations are possible and one can choose to show or hide the cup. I am interested in the engagement between clothing and jewellery and the versatility of a piece that can be reinterpreted by the wearer. This is the starting point of the research master I am doing at the moment. .