My designs evolve through a dialogue between my source inspiration and the creative potential of the enamel. The versatility of the material is what attracts me the most as it gives an organic feel to my work. My response to the way in which the materials fuse together is intuitive and impromptu. With each layer the enamel adds form, structure and substance to the piece. The natural fragility of the material exudes a new found strength, richness in texture and an acquired preciousness at the same time as the precious metal chain is slowly buried into obscurity. The inquisitive attention, tactile approach and numerous juxtapositions, provoke a sense of preciousness in my jewellery that is understated and enigmatic.

Selected Exhibitions:

Gioielli in Fermento, Torre Fornello, Italy (2014)
Galerie Hélène Aziza – Beyond Precious, Circuits Bijoux, Paris (2013)
Museum of Arts and Design New York (2013)
Joya Contemporary Jewellery exhibition – Guest Artist (2012)
Contemporary Applied Arts London (2011)
Goldsmith’s Fair London (2009)
SOFA New York(2008-present) – SOFA Chicago(2008-present) – SOFA Santa Fe(2009-present)
with Charon Kransen Arts New York,
Electrum Gallery London(2007)
Galerie Marzee Netherlands(2007)

’Chained’, The Hellenic Centre, London, UK (2010).
‘Alysodeméno, Benaki Museum Pireos, Athens, Greece (2012).

Selected Publications:

2014 Art Aurea 1- 2014, Gold Special – Old Myths New Concepts p59
2012 Contemporary Jewelry, Limited Edition- Miquel Abellán, Monsa Publications Barcelona.
2011 Art Jewelry Today 3 – Jeffrey B. Snyder, Schiffer Publications USA.
2010 Liana Pattihis case study for the Research Fellowship for Innovation in Vitreous Enamel Surfaces in Jewellery – Jessica Turrell, Bristol, Arts and Humanities Research Council.
Rolls Royce 2011 RREC Yearbook: Substance and Style – Jonathan Wright.
Alysodemeno- Liana Pattihis, Printed by Cassoulides Master Printers Nicosia, Cyprus
2009 Kunsthåndverk NR 112 2
2009 29 Ărgang : Kjøpe eller lope– Christer Dynna. 2008 Enamel, British Society of Enamellers Newsletter: Liana Pattihis – New Graduate, Pat Johnson.


1st Prize Gioielli in Fermento, (IT) 2014


US: Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) New York
IT: Fondazione Cominelli
IT: Torre Fornello Vineyards of Arts