I work with precious metals and enamels to create pieces of jewellery and artwork. I use mainly transparent enamels as I love the clear jewel like quality the enamel gives the piece and this works particularly well with silver. I often incorporate different combinations of wires, foils and engraving to give the piece movement and depth.

I am drawn to colour and surface effects and love playing with different combinations of shiny verses matt. I also like the dramatic effects you can get with oxidisation and reticulation. Recently I have been creating silver jewellery using a tiny saw blade as a drawing tool.

Enamelling is a time consuming and intricate process and I gain great satisfaction when the final piece emerges from the kiln.

My designs have been influenced by natural forms such as botanical and geological and I have used my garden for inspiration. I treat my jewellery pieces as mini canvases.

I am a full member of the British Society of Enamellers and been accepted as a full member of the Society of Botanical Artists.

I am mainly a jeweller and enameller, however, I also paint and print which I find very freeing after the constraints of enamelling. I find one feeds off the other and I often interpret things that I have printed or painted into enamel and vice versa.

Many of my pieces can be re-interpreted in different sizes, and I have been commissioned many times for pieces of jewellery, from wedding rings to christening boxes.

Certificate of Merit (enamelling), Worshipful Company of Goldsmith’s, 2001.
Award for Encouragement the 20th International Cloisonné Contest, Japan, 2007.


E: louise@tracksidegallery.co.uk
W: www.tracksidegallery.co.uk