Melissa is an award-winning designer goldsmith and enameller who specializes in one-off and limited edition pieces in high carat gold, silver and enamel. Inspired by the beauty and intricacy of nature, she has developed her own unique enamelling technique that creates richly textured surfaces and lustrous patterns of gold on silver.

Initially drawn to enamelling because of the rich palette of luminous colours it brought to her work whilst studying jewellery in 2000 at The Cass, Melissa decided in 2011 to focus her enamel practice on the exploration of surface texture and pattern using fine gold and fine silver foil and leaf.

This journey of experimentation and discovery continues as Melissa regularly creates new one-off pieces complemented by extraordinary crystals and gemstones carefully selected for their natural surface textures or inclusions.

Melissa exhibits at select shows such as the Goldsmiths’ Fair and accepts commissions using her signature technique as well as the traditional enamelling skills of champlevé and basse taille.

In 2011 she curated the international enamel exhibition Fused at Flow Gallery, London.