After studying for an MA at the Birmingham School of Jewellery, I launched my business from the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter in 2001 becoming a part of the vibrant making community there. I have shown my work widely across the UK and ventured into the international market.

My jewellery ranges have been inspired heavily by the natural world, with recent inspiration exploring matter that evokes strong emotional responses. I draw on microscopic imagery of bacteria and disease, finding beauty through the form and colours of these images.

My first introduction to enamelling was an evening class whilst studying for my MA, led by Penny Gildea. My early collections featured some enamel work but I also used resin with silver which became my dominant material for some years. Needing a change and fresh inspiration I revisited enamel around 2010 and haven’t looked back. I have developed my skills through experimenting and workshops with enameller Ruth Ball.

Colour has always been important to my work and enamelling offers so many possibilities. My enjoy using transparent enamels where layers of colour can be built or the silver surface can shine through. I combine different techniques such as wet laying, sieving, scraffito, painting enamels, cloisonné and engraving the silver surface to achieve different qualities. I am interested in combinations of colour, abstract pattern and surface qualities of the enamel ranging from very smooth glossy ground surfaces or matt to creating texture with tiny glass beads or under firing the enamel.

The main focus of my making is jewellery but I have also explored working on a larger scale, using industrial enamels and facilities at A J Wells on the Isle of Wight to produce decorative panels which is something I hope to do more of in the future.