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I’ve always been captivated by the alchemy of colour and sheer versatility of enamel as a medium. The amazing transition the material undergoes from solid glassy frit, which is ground to powder and then fused onto metal, is just fascinating. The range of methods with which enamel is applied to metal can provide amazing of effects and styles. I can’t think of any other medium having the same wealth of diversity and appeal.

In my work I’ve explored a variety of enamel techniques. I’ve worked on educational projects, trade work, and also produce my own designs as one-off and limited-edition pieces for gallery exhibitions.

My favourite technique is painted enamel, but my work tends to involve a variety of methods to suit whatever style or effect I want to achieve within a collection. I generally enamel over silver but will also include gold details and precious stones within a piece.

The influences behind the pieces that I design are various, but they are always lead by a sense of colour, and mark making, which combine with an interest in pattern, ornamentation, and decorative effects.

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