My work is based around research in to visual aspects of scientific chaos. This stemmed from a fascination with the beauty and mystery of fractal geometry, which led me to experiment and look into ways of formulating my own visual chaos.

I did this by making a digital visual feedback loop. This is iteration that takes place when a video camera is pointed at its own monitor. When the camera is nudged and manipulated the screen quickly overloads in to a form of chaos revealing itself as beautiful complex infinite structures of undulating, ever-changing pattern and form.

Photography and experimental film work play a key role in the aesthetics of my pieces. Color, steady movement and growth of pattern and form are the main factors I have considered when finding solutions to my pieces.

I’ve mainly used Industrial enamel in my work, I feel its helped me achieve a more painterly quality in my pieces and also allowed me to really rub back, revealing depth in the layers of colour and achieving my desired matte, silky smooth finish.