I am an emerging contemporary artist, working in oils and specialising in vitreous enamel painting, fired on steel. Enamelling since June 2013, I formerly worked as a premier artist for Halcyon Days Enamels, where I developed my skill and passion for painting high quality miniatures over 25 years.

A sea and landscape painter, I use vibrant colour to capture the feel and mood of skies, seas, rivers and occasionally the wildlife they contain. I am inspired by views that evoke warm memories, such as childhood holidays by the sea and walks in the woods, inviting the viewer to step into my images and enjoy the emotions I express.

Each original miniature is hand painted onto a white base coat using oil based vitreous enamel paint. Every layer is fused onto steel by repeated high firings, until a strong depth of colour and gloss is achieved. The process is a mix of  art, science and risk, which allows me to experiment with colour and form to give an exciting new richness and innovative feel to each piece.

For further information please contact me via my website’ contact form or email.


E: susan.jd@hotmail.co.uk
W: susandaviesart.com