Tamizan Savill works with transparent enamels on silver. Simple shapes allow emphasis on the lovely qualities of enamel, and the flowing lines of basse-taille engraving. 

She makes a range of jewellery for women and men, and more recently small boxes and vessels.

Tamizan started working with silver in 1990, with enamels in 1994, and set up her workshop full-time in 2001. She used to build recording studios for young people, but enamelling is much quieter.

Commissions include badges of office for the Ecumenical Prebendaries of Bristol Cathedral, another for the Friends of Bristol Art Gallery, and presentation medals for Macrorie House Museum, Maritzburg SA.

Exhibitions include Goldsmiths’ Fair 2013, Heart of the Heat, Art in Action, Desire 2013.


E: tamizan@tiscali.co.uk
W: www.tamizan.com