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British Society of Enamellers exhibit in Northampton 4th October – 14 December 2014 Click here to read more.

Exhibition at Ravenstein Museum, Netherlands

1st July to 31st August 2015. The exhibition will be dedicated to the Dutch painter, Hieronymus Bosch. Click here to read more.

Looking back at Heart of The Heat exhibition

The exhibition of enamels staged by the British Society of Enamellers and the Guild of Enamellers in Nov/ Dec 2014 was very well received. Click here to read more.

Combining freedom and form with enamel

Elizabeth Jane Campbell has developed a technique for enamelling ceramic honeycomb – click here to learn more.

Selling work on Etsy

Gesine Garz offers some tips on how to sell her work on the handmade website Etsy. Click here to learn more.

Combining printmaking skills with enamelling

An unexpected combination of complementary skills – click here for more.

Sally Cantan’s suction wand

A brilliant development fills a need for bowl enamellers. To learn how she developed, and uses the wand, click here.

Creative inspiration from a listed building

Bekki Churcher inds that a Listed Building can inspire new ideas – click here to find out how.

Fired with Passion

Dr Elizabeth Goring’s reflection on studio enamelling in Britain.
Click here to read her short essay.

An eventful year

Katja Fox describes her eventful time since completing her MA in Metal at  Sir John Cass. Click here to read more.

Enamelware in Ethiopia

Ruth Rushby was fascinated by what she discovered in a recent trip – click here to see what she found

Taking advantage of adversity

Evangeline Long finds unexpected positives following an eye operation. Click here for more.

Velvety colours using gold powder

Gillie Hoyte Byrom explores a medium that has been in use for centuries – click here for details

Rediscovering oils

Endre Hevezi revitalises his early enthusiasm for painting in oils – click here for more

Enamel in today’s jewellery

Notes on Jessica Turrell’s “Innovation in Vitreous Enamel Surfaces for Jewellery” – click here for more.

Martha Banyas writes about creating her vitreous enamel wall sculptures entitled Valley and Shadow.

I created a 12-piece series of vitreous enamel sculptures, entitled Valley and Shadow: Another Life, in response to a diagnosis of breast cancer I had received in 2009. The news literally stopped me in my tracks and changed my world forever. Read more.